Offensive OSINT s03e03 - Delta Theta Casa
This time we diving deep into weird and disturbing site, (don't go there without Adblock/Antivirus) whi
Offensive OSINT s03e02 - Bug Bounty monitor + Elasticsearch and Telegram notifications
Today we will focus on reconnaissance and monitoring organizations from bug bounty programs. I will present solution to
Offensive OSINT s03e01 - LeakLooker and Angular applications
We start this season from interesting update to LeakLooker where thousands of companies are vulnerable. From now, it all
It ain't much but it's honest work - Transparency report
In this report I want to show you everything, what you should know about the OffensiveOSINT project, I started couple mo
Offensive OSINT season 2 - Summary
Another season has ended and now we will sum up every episode to give a clear explanation what you can expect from each
Offensive OSINT s02e08 - Gathering data from different sources
This is the material, I've been working on since start of this season.We will do deep dive into rabbit hole of child abu
Offensive OSINT s02e07 - Recreating Lazarus' infrastructure in Maltego
In today's episode we will take a closer look on infrastructure used in attacks by North Koreans state-sponsored hackers
Offensive OSINT s02e06 - Journey over exposed databases
Today we will do a deep dive into different sources of data leaks. I prepared an update for LeakLooker X which fixes all
Offensive OSINT s02e05 - SocialPath - Social media intelligence gathering tool
We stay on social media intelligence and this time will see how to track users across different social media platforms.
Offensive OSINT s02e04 - Story about OSINT, MS-13, Facebook and mapping organized crime
Today we will take a deep dive into investigation of eleven members of MS-13 gang that were arrested at the beginning of
Offensive OSINT - s02e02 - Human trafficking investigation part 2. Monitoring Bedpage.
In this episode we will focus on widely known website which offers escort services around the world and how it allegedly
Offensive OSINT season 1 -  Summary
Finally, we made it. Around 3 months, 8 episodes and many hours of researching suspicious cyber activities and other OSI
Offensive OSINT s01e08 - Human trafficking investigation part 1
Welcome in last episode of first season of Offensive OSINT. Today's topic is very important from ethical perspective and
Offensive OSINT s01e07 - Offensive leak hunting with LeakLooker
In this episode we are going to find a sensitive data leak with unique tool I made - LeakLooker X. I added new features

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