Offensive OSINT s05e05 - Open Source Surveillance - Territorial Dispute
This update is one of the most important one, from analytic as well as research standpoint. Right now you can analyse sp
Offensive OSINT s05e04 - Open Source Surveillance - Username search
CEO, VP of Engineering and PR specialist (spoiler - this is the same person) approved the release of a new feature for t
Offensive OSINT s05e03 - Open Source Surveillance - People API
I'm super excited to announce newest update which allow to easily uncover the person behind the photo or activity in
Offensive OSINT s05e02 - Open Source Surveillance PRO
I'm super excited to announce that Open Source Surveillance has been finished, and today you can register and use it
Offensive OSINT s04e08 - Open Source Surveillance - Events & Public Transport
Welcome in third article in Open Source Surveillance series, in today's episode we discuss traffic incidents, Amtrak
Offensive OSINT s04e06 - Open Source Surveillance - Social media
In today's episode we discuss missing 411 cases, selfies with tanks and where are the best places to run in your cit
Offensive OSINT s04e05 - Open Source Surveillance - Patreon
In this post I would like to share my plans about Open Source Surveillance project and how you can participate and creat
Offensive OSINT s04e04 - Open Source Surveillance
Open Source Surveillance takes intelligence gathering and cyber espionage to a whole new level. It can be used for offen
Offensive OSINT s02e04 - Story about OSINT, MS-13, Facebook and mapping organized crime
Today we will take a deep dive into investigation of eleven members of MS-13 gang that were arrested at the beginning of
Offensive OSINT s01e03 - Looking for election related disinformation on Polish service
In this episode, we will take a look on disinformation campaign in polish social media platform - It's ver

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