In this post I would like to share my plans about Open Source Surveillance project and how you can participate and create best OSINT tool ever.

First things first, I'm excited to announce I started Patreon to get help with the project as well as create community of OSINT professionals where any member can provide feedback and share his research in any topic.

Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

Open Source Surveillance provides valuable insights and information about a given location, using publicly available sources. Whether you're conducting research, tracking down leads, or simply exploring a new place, this project will be your go-to resource for OSINT.

By becoming a patron, you'll receive early access to the platform, exclusive updates, research about each module, interesting use-cases and the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to make this project a reality.

Every month I will be publishing research (articles and video if needed) about particular module of the tool - presenting snippets of code, implementing additional features and showing defensive & offensive aspects of every module.

If you didn't read Open Source Surveillance tutorial, you can find it below

Offensive OSINT s04e04 - Open Source Surveillance
Open Source Surveillance takes intelligence gathering and cyber espionage to a whole new level. It can be used for offensive security, but from the other hand can be also helpful in OSINT and law enforcement investigations. Thanks to 18 modules, OSS can show real-time view of the city from variety

For $59 you will have private beta access to the tool, articles that explain use cases, code and infrastructure needed to run the tool, so after this project comes to an end, you will be able to write such tool or at least scripts to query particular services.

New feature - Drawing

Below you can find kind of Roadmap and table of contents for subscribers

1. Social media

  • Geolocation challenge based on social media photos
  • Gathering intelligence on critical infrastructure
  • Tracking real-time events
  • Implementing new modules
  • Account pool & API keys

2. Cameras

  • Tracking cameras in sensitive facilities
  • Getting live feed
  • Implementing new modules
  • Adding devices to the platform
  • How to move around the city avoiding cameras

3. Networks

  • Searching Bluetooth/Wifi networks in critical infrastructure
  • Finding and hacking unsecured networks
  • Mapping networks in the city

4. Internet exposed devices

  • Adding new IoT and ICS devices
  • Searching for devices in different places
  • Hacking & reporting vulnerable devices
  • Geolocating Internet of Things & Industrial Control Systems

5. Events

  • Tracking events - human trafficking, Amber Alerts or gang activities
  • Tracking live events - protests, riots
  • How the tool can help
  • Implementing new modules

6. Other

  • Technical aspects
  • Mobile version
  • GUI improvements
  • New modules & ideas
  • Basic features - export, search, filter
  • Secure the website
  • Your feedback

After all of these chapters, product will be ready for public release for OSINT professionals. Moreover, I will present how to write similar tool on your own, including snippets of code and infrastructure.

To make it fully working under bigger load I would need to update Heroku plans in regards to memory and database, as well as purchased more accounts and maintain the pool constantly.

I will provide interesting research in different fields - ethical hacking, OSINT, HUMINT, Python programming and many other during Patreon membership.

For $15 you have access to the tutorials and help with all previous tools I've made, and for $59 I provide private beta access to Open Source Surveillance with support and priority in implementing features. In addition, all of the subscribers will be invited to private Discord channel to share feedback, ideas, issues and interesting research.

I  believe that projects like this one, have the power to help many people, and I'm committed to making it accessible to everyone. That's why I'm launching this Patreon page - to give supporters the chance to be a part of something amazing.

Last time I donated around $1500 to different organizations and this time part of the money will be spend this way as well.

If you are already a subscriber, please migrate to Patreon at the end of your subscription.