I'm happy to introduce Open Street Map capabilities into Open Source Surveillance, free for all users. Now, it's
This update is one of the most important one, from analytic as well as research standpoint. Right now you can analyse sp
CEO, VP of Engineering and PR specialist (spoiler - this is the same person) approved the release of a new feature for t
I'm super excited to announce newest update which allow to easily uncover the person behind the photo or activity in

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Ladies and Gentleman, I'm pleased to announce that Open Source Surveillance has been finished and it's free to r
Welcome in third article in Open Source Surveillance series, in today's episode we discuss traffic incidents, Amtrak
In today's episode we have new GUI, vulnerable cameras and how ChatGPT can support Open Source Surveillance. This i
In today's episode we discuss missing 411 cases, selfies with tanks and where are the best places to run in your cit
Offensive OSINT s04e05 - Open Source Surveillance - Patreon
In this post I would like to share my plans about Open Source Surveillance project and how you can participate and creat
Offensive OSINT s04e04 - Open Source Surveillance
Open Source Surveillance takes intelligence gathering and cyber espionage to a whole new level. It can be used for offen
Offensive OSINT s04e03 - Tracking Internet facing Industrial Control System devices with Kamerka Lite
Today I want to present additional big feature to my long time project - Kamerka. From now on you can access statistics

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